Persistence of memory

I’ve composed this track while an old friend was looking for me after many years.
Mixed, confused sensations and memories … distorted ones maybe …. but my guitar seems to find its strange way through my distorted feelings, reaching my heart.
I hope that it can reach someone else’s heart, though that’s an IMMATERIAL way of being friends …..
Just 2 minutes and 58 seconds very difficult to mix and equalize in the right way, due to the presence of a lot of noises in my brain.
As to the artwork and the title: thanks to Dali and his wonderful intuitions.


One thought on “Persistence of memory

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  1. I’m sometimes inspired, making music, from facts happening around me.
    Then I find new inspiration creating an artwork and looking for a title of an abstract instrumental track, and often I find works of artists who probably were thinking about the same concepts, often communicating them better than me, like S. Dalì.

    About IMMATERIAL friendship: I think that in material life my best friends are the ones who are able to appreciate less visible and less concrete aspects of my life. Real life and busy life sometimes divides us, together with many distorted feelings of our common memories, and misunderstandings. Even words often generate mistakes, and music is my personal effort to reach someone’s heart without using them. It always depends on how much involved I am expressing myself. Of course one can like or not the result, but I think that what makes the difference is the intensity we put in what we do.

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