ANUBIS (or Lady Gaga?)
I’m now experimenting another “flux”, that’s the one where my mind finds things coming to me under form of instinctive images (or sounds).
Sometimes their shape is recognizable, like this one.
I had no knowledge at all about Anubis, but curiously he is considered the god of cemeteries and embalming.
While I was unconsciously drawing it, I was thinking about my soul, prisoner in my body.
Sometimes I think that all images and sounds exist somewhere in a great library, and all we have to do is to find the way to take them. How does it work … I still don’t know. … my track is still waiting.

This new track is not here ’cause a storm suddenly came and took it away.
I have to wait for the next inspirational FLUX from the Spires of Vortex … anyway this is the image. It’s often incredible how much time I spend looking for the right artwork of a track.
This time I’ve to find the right sound for the image …
You can easily find on the web a graphic representation of a FLUX, that’s a mathematical concept concerning electromagnetism, energy, fluids, light, sound theories very hard to explain. Simply all I want to express here is the power of sounds (six strings) that makes possible a FLUX passing through a VORTEX, represented by the VISIBLE planets’ movement around it. The FLUX of sounds is able to reach (arrows: spires) INVISIBLE spheres of a hidden higher dimension. Of course the FLUX might be represented in both directions: my own intuitive concept of flux is really a circular movement connecting visible and invisible spheres … maybe a double helix?


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