Sometimes a track takes me into other worlds of inspiration.
This one suddenly came to me in a rainy day,
and I’ve played my guitar in a bunch of minutes
(then of course I’ve adjusted sounds and drums) … Just LIKE WATER!
So the title for this track was “Like Water”.
Working at the track image, I was thinking of
my abandoned guitar (days and days since I don’t play it)
and of my lack of ideas, and my sensation of coming old like those leaves.
That guitar in the artwork seemed to me like a House …
a house for water (rain).
That’s why I’ve changed my idea and I’ve titled it WATER HOUSE.
The image reminded me a portrait of the shakespearian Ophelia ……
I’ve tried with Google looking for Ophelia, and with my great surprise
I’ve found WATERHOUSE!
(though the Ophelia’s portrait in the water is by J. E. Millais).
Really, my friends, this is what I call INSPIRATION!
And I still don’t know where it comes from …. I suspect from water.

I hope you appreciate Waterhouse, Millais,
… and my guitar too!


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