You have to download it directly into your soul, in case the web Matrix will be corrupted.
My new and old remastered tracks:


That’s what happens when I’m disembodied (seconf half of this track).


After hours of (music) meditation I’ve come to the conclusion that music’s not a killer gun: even Death Metal disappears in front of real bombs.
Eventually and just in rare cases … music is a way to reach my enemies and ask them: What the fuck are you doing?

Magic mirror

A magic mirror is when a place reminds you of another one you loved, but at the same time reminds you that everything is changed. You see that house still alive but you know it’s lost somewhere in your mind and in your dreams.

Living in a puzzle

The clear sensation that the world you lived with passion is quickly cut piece by piece by a laser following guidelines of a strange project. And you perfectly know that you are the last piece of the puzzle.

Revisited version

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