A bright spot

Is free INSPIRATION still possible?

No Reptiles

Yes! No snakes in Ireland! I don’t know whether there are reptilians or not.
My celtic way.

Days passing by

Momentary music moments. Together with them I publish here my drawing 3d moments with E.A.Poe ’cause you know: I feel momentary.


My 3d artworks (I’m at the beginning – or at the end?)



Sometimes I feel like a RockStar … I know! It must be a Guitar Refraction … this happens when I’m suddenly inspired.


I’m going to delete my asocial accounts (not this), so I’ll be just HERE and THERE in your ears (and possibly in your heart).

Druids … rock!

Magic morning at NEWGRANGE.
And this SACRIFICE ROCK has something “DRUIDIC”… Maybe the result of passing under this celtic double rainbow?


There’s no prove about the existence of ECTOPLASM, but there’s no doubt about the creative mind of some magicians. So any creative product of our mind is really an Ectoplasm! Or not?
I wonder how this girl was able to obtain such an effect in 1912 …

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