Days passing by

Momentary music moments. Together with them I publish here my drawing 3d moments with E.A.Poe ’cause you know: I feel momentary.


My 3d artworks (I’m at the beginning – or at the end?)



No human word can describe such a terrifying being …
Ancient creature? Forgotten God?

Just exploring new drawing worlds.
Music? On its way, if my mind will survive …

Living in a puzzle

The clear sensation that the world you lived with passion is quickly cut piece by piece by a laser following guidelines of a strange project. And you perfectly know that you are the last piece of the puzzle.

Revisited version

Time traveller

I’m not sure about the destination: Past or Future? I’ve too many things to indagate in the past, and sincerely I don’t wish to know how brilliant is the future, or maybe I don’t want delusions … and you?

An interesting search for Time Travellers > SEARCH FOR TIME TRAVELERS
… but I wonder whether a Time Traveller is interested in such a search.

Freaks are back!

You know, this film is a masterpiece used and abused. Anyway, this track by Black Horses (& SpiresVortex guitar) works perfectly with it. Have a good Freaks Show!

Hey Fritz!

This track was not inspired by Fritz Lang, simply it fits well with these images from Metropolis, and with the (new) story too! SpiresVortex at guitar, mix & video.

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