These guitar slides will teleport you farther than Proxima Centauri … if you’re able to listen to the whole track.


The problem with all the present technology is that no one seems to know exactly when and where it comes from: built in great software-hardware companies or in some unknown village or garage next to you?
If in the future all the human cultural – technical databases on the web will be accessed, examined and used instantly by some human-clones, will human competition with them still be possible? Of course they’ll develope themselves totally out of human mind control … is this the future?
This sounds like science fiction … isn’t it?

Distant Sounds


A painter is lost if he finds himself.
That’s wonderful, said by an octogenarian artist.


Naissance d’une galaxie (Birth of a galaxy) was created in the year of the first moon landing. Man had conquered the lunar symbol of the yearnings of Romanticism (a cultural epoch so important for Ernst) and found only empty, rocky silence. As if by way of a replacement, Ernst allows a new galaxy, its circular disc patterned with dots, to arise out of the nebula of primeval forms inhabiting the lower border of the picture. This galaxy is located in the imagination – and in the picture seen here. Entirely in keeping with Ernst’s fantastical natural history, the eternal, ethereal realm and the here and now of artistic invention converge in the moment of this picture.

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